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2019 : A "data-driven" world

2019 : A "data-driven" world

In the midst of an almost overwhelming deluge of data and its elusive utility, it’s easy to forget the fundamental role people play in this treasure – the people who manage, operate and audit it.

The world is slowly changing: the types of wealth are diversifying, and if there’s a wealth in the heart of all debates, it’s data.

The new black gold

The data represents a considerable power. However, it remains too poorly framed. Organizations do not specify how different people will interact with the data and why. Instances are being created, such as the GDPR or the California Consumer Privacy Act to regulate all this dynamic, but this is still not enough.

The approach of these data fluctuate according to the status encountered : for a leader, the point of view is broad, mainly focused on expenses and revenues with an awareness of high marketing campaigns for example. For a leading brand, you focus almost exclusively on your brand, regardless of its granularity. If you are a programmatic trader, you probably focus on reach and bidding. And if you are a computer specialist or a marketing specialist, you focus on accuracy, hygiene and data analysis.

Everyone therefore has its utility with the data but, basically, everyone pursues the same thing : knowing how to evolve with a context and a social environment that is now scalable.