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25 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2021

25 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2021

Any way you look at it, 2020 has been tough. Many businesses had to rapidly pivot in order to stay afloat amid global shutdowns to limit the spread of COVID-19, while many others weren't so lucky, and were forced to close forever as a result. We've learned to work from home, navigating our daily tasks amid home-school and other distractions, and find new forms of entertainment to keep each other occupied. And this is all before you factor in the ongoing political turmoil, and the uncertainty around what comes next.

2020 is a year that many would rather forget, and in amongst all this, the major social platforms have also rapidly evolved and shifted focus in order to meet rising demand and user needs during the pandemic.

That's accelerated many of their plans, but for the most part, the new tools and options introduced were already in development. Indeed, many of our predictions for 2020 were pretty spot on, and based on current trends, and where the social platforms are headed, we've put together a new collection of predictions for 2021, and what social media marketers should be preparing for as they map out their plans.

And all going well, it looks set to be a year of growth, and exciting developments. Here are our platform-by-platform predictions for what's coming next in the world of social media marketing, starting with the blue behemoth, Zuckerberg's ever-expanding social empire.


Facebook has once again seen a year of many challenges, and has once again come through them in a stronger position than where it began. That's despite rising backlash over the role the platform has played in exacerbating political division, and amplifying hate speech, and amid a push for a break-up of the company over its anti-competitive behavior.

Yet, despite an ad boycott, a critical Netflix documentary, and the forced removal of certain concerning groups, Facebook marches on, and 2021 looks set to see some major developments aligned with the next stage of The Social Network.

The New Storefront

eCommerce will be a major focus for Facebook in the next year.

We've already seen the first stages of Facebook's next big revenue push, with the introduction of Shops on Facebook and Instagram, which simplifies the process of building an eCommerce outlet on the world's most used digital platform.

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