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5 Impressive DOOH Examples

5 Impressive DOOH Examples

Advances in digital screens, data-driven targeting, and audience measurement are truly making DOOH a more relevant channel for business-to-business marketers.

In an age of hyper-connectivity, it’s harder than ever for brands to break through the noise and get their message across in a meaningful way. Even the most imaginative advertisers among us need a bit of inspiration from time to time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of the most stand-out digital OOH examples to help you get those creative juices flowing for your next outdoor ad campaign.

Netflix Indonesia turns heads with dynamic DOOH ads

Netflix is tapping into contextual DOOH (digital out of home) to promote their original Korean shows.

The campaign is called #HallyuBarengNetflix and runs for 14 days on iconic digital billboards across the Jakarta Metropolitan. The objective was to build awareness about the new K-drama titles on Netflix, including Forecasting Love & Weather, Love & Leashes, Twenty Five Twenty One, and Thirty-Nine.

Dynamic triggers were set up for the show Forecasting Love & Weather, where when it was raining, the creative that appears on the billboard would be "rainy" creatives. Likewise, when it is sunny, "sunny" creatives appeared.

Weather-reactive McCafe campaign (McDonald's)

Image Source

Sometimes scrolling through your phone to find the right GIF for a situation can be just as boring and time-consuming as waiting for the bus.

Maybe that's why this campaign from McDonald's in the UK has been so popular.

The Millionaire's Frappe and Strawberry Lemonade were advertised on digital signage, complete with relevant and timely creative based on weather data. When it was warmer than 22 degrees Celsius, the creative automatically changed to advertise iced drinks. If it hit above 25 degrees Celsius, then the billboard would display the city name and current temperature.

The campaign ran for two months in 2019, but it received widespread media attention for its ability to engage audiences with timely, relevant and useful content based on their lived experiences.

Make the Most of Summer (Google)

Image Source

Google's "Make the Most of Summer" campaign made the most of summer by creating responsive digital OOH ads that catered to unique British interests and informed customers about Google Search and Maps.

The campaign highlighted Google's Search and Maps functionalities by showing popular local and seasonal search terms, like "Best ice cream in Glasgow" or "Parks near me." The campaign also engaged customers through dynamic, full-motion sites featuring the results for search terms, including business hours, star ratings, and map directions. In some placements, the creative even reacted to the time of day or local weather conditions.

“There’s something unique about the British interest in the weather and the way we react to summer," Graham Bednash, Director of Consumer Marketing at Google UK, explains. "We love the way this campaign really captures that and shows how Google Search and Maps can help people make the most of it.”

Pose with the Pros (Dallas Cowboys)

Image Source

The Dallas Cowboys are taking their fans on the field with them! In September 2019, the Dallas Cowboys launched their interactive "Pose with the Pros" kiosks in concourses at AT&T stadium. The kiosks invite fans to take pictures of themselves with (virtual) members of the Dallas Cowboys.

Fans can select up to five of their favorite Cowboys players to pose with, and an AR application overlays the players around the individual or small group in the picture. Fans can share their virtual group picture on social media or email it to themselves, family, and friends.

The interactive experience is powered by AT&T, showing off its 5G technology. When speaking about this campaign, the CMO of AT&T Business explained  "We were able to create experiences that let people know how fundamentally different 5G is from LTE".

CarDoor was smart and advertised near garages & dealerships

Location, location, location.

Pretty much every business owner can tell you those are the three most important words in the business world. And when it comes to Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising, they're even more important. The great thing about DOOH is that it allows advertisers to target consumers based on where they are at any given moment, making content highly relevant and increasing the likelihood that it will be memorable.

That's why CarDoor's new campaign is so brilliant. They want to sell you a new car (and make the process as easy as possible), and they know that's something a lot of people need… but even more important than that, they know where to find you. They've taken advantage of DOOH's ability to serve up ads based on location, finding customers where they live and work and drive—and when they're stuck with a lemon, too!

CarDoor knows that if your car is being repaired or serviced, you're probably looking for some information about getting a replacement vehicle—but if you don't know about CarDoor yet, how can you go there? That's why CarDoor has started buying DOOH space in high-density areas in close proximity