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4 tips to reach consumers this Christmas

4 tips to reach consumers this Christmas

Trend #1

Consumers are mindful of their finances

34% of UK consumers have started saving for Christmas already. Brits are 45% more likely to spend less this year than spend more.

Trend #2

Potential product shortages are affecting Christmas shopping

Supply chain disruptions and shortages that have occurred over recent months will continue to impact how consumers shop in the run up to 25th December. Nearly half of consumers are concerned about potential shortages this Christmas.

Trend #3

Consumers consciousness is on the rise

Consumer awareness of CSR issues are growing; 79% of UK consumers are conscious of the increased packaging waste involved in online shopping whilst 57% try to buy from independent businesses.

Trend #4

Consumers are looking for hybrid shopping experiences

Convenience and flexibility are driving e-commerce, while experience-led motivations are driving physical store visits. This is particularly the case for Gen Z, who are 76% more likely to treat a shopping trip as a ‘social experience’.