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OTT Consumers preferred device

OTT Consumers preferred device

In collaboration with The Harris Poll, OpenX conducted a nationwide study looking at consumer behavior around OTT video. The new study highlights how OTT has moved from a niche category, into the main way consumers of nearly all ages interact with video content today

OTT Is Now Mainstream

The majority of US households now contain a Smart TV, and the mainstream availability and affordability of Smart TVs has helped fuel the rise of OTT, as most Americans now use at least one OTT service. A majority of OTT streamers subscribe to three different content platforms.

The evolutionary shift in TV consumption habits is sweeping across every demographic group surveyed. Unsurprisingly, millennials watch themost OTT content. However, almost one third of Americans 55 and older useOTT services as well. Every demographic group is now streaming, and they are streaming a lot

OTT consumers are mobile-first :

On average, OTT consumers use their mobile devices for more than 6 hours a day and watch more than two hours of mobile video each day. Nearly one-third now say screen size has no impact whatsoever on how long they watch or what type of content they watch. Millennial OTT users stream more video content on their mobile device than they do on their television sets.