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A surge in programmatic guaranteed campaigns is expected in 2021

A surge in programmatic guaranteed campaigns is expected in 2021

While advertisers used to treat cable TV and OTT ad buys separately, they are increasingly considering them together, and the trend is clearly moving towards all TV being transacted digitally. The efficiencies of programmatic buying, and the opportunities to apply data to reach specific audience segments, are huge benefits that are accelerating the shift of traditional TV budgets to digital channels.

Programmatic guaranteed offers security in uncertain timesAs COVID-19 threw programming schedules into limbo, buyers prioritized flexibility in their ad buys, yet they were still looking for the security of an inventory guarantee. They’ve found a perfect match in the form of programmatic guaranteed deals, which leverage the speed and 1:1 targeting of programmatic pipes to allow advertisers to activate audience data, while preserving the agreement of a fixed price in return for guaranteed access to desired inventory

As programmatic continues to grow and encompass more media channels, aspects that will matter the most are direct publisher access for supply transparency, premium brand-safe content for consumer engagement, and audience accuracy for addressability and targeting. Open auctions can’t deliver on these and hence the advertising dollars are rapidly shifting into private marketplaces and more so into programmatic guaranteed (PG) buying. This shift is more evident for premium video supply on OTT and broadcaster video-on-demand (BVOD) platforms, where content consumption has spiked since COVID-19 and brands are looking to get in f ront of an engaged viewer base.