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About digital growth : Small businesses invest

About digital growth : Small businesses invest

While major brands are slowly changing their budgets to digital media, it is small businesses that are driving the growth of Internet advertising spend.

The digital will represent for the first time in 2021 total advertising expenditure totaling $ 350 billion, according to the global forecast of advertising expenses of Zenith, published Monday. Total advertising spend worldwide will increase by 4.6% in 2019 to reach $ 639 billion, slightly less than the 4.7% growth forecast for Zenith (Publicis Groupe) in March.

Digital is growing, thanks largely to small businesses that otherwise would not be spending money on the media, “said Jonathan Barnard, Zenith’s Prediction Manager.

“These are untapped advertisers coming to the market using simple tools provided by platforms such as Facebook and Google,” he said.

For smaller brands and companies with annual budgets under $ 10,000, traditional media are too expensive. But these advertisers use digital platforms to target large-scale audiences.

“They have a completely different strategy because they have a different budget size,” Barnard said. “Small businesses do not have the budget that would allow them to carry out mass awareness campaigns that big advertisers find very useful.”