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Ad relevancy context and content quality increase brand safety

Ad relevancy context and content quality increase brand safety

According to an online survey by IAS (Integral Ad Science) across multiple markets to determine consumer perceptions of ad relevancy and content quality, consumers do hold marketers and brands ultimately accountable for the content that appears next to their ads.

Indeed, 63% of U.S consumers hold the brand accountable for the content that appear next to ads. Placing ads in low quality environments can have a significant impact and damage consumer perception of a brand, and even result in consumers no longer using said products or services.

Ultimately, high quality content drives engagement : more consumers will engage with an online ad when it is surrounded by high quality content and therefore, placing digital ads in high quality environments is important to consumers. Ads seen on high quality sites are perceived to be 74% more likeable than the same ads seen on low quality sites. Audiences on high quality sites showed 20% higher engagement than on low quality sites. And campaigns on high quality sites stand to benefit from 30% greater memorability.

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