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Ad Spending Ups and Downs in 2020

Ad Spending Ups and Downs in 2020

The pandemic caused significant ad budget reallocation, but digital advertising is still essential for most brands. Besides, as desktop and laptop devices maintain popularity among internet users, advertisers were not too hasty to abandon this ad channel.

Of course, some digital advertising categories got affected by ad dollar shifts and holds, yet several types of ads were still on the plus side in 2020.

Namely, social media (+25%), connected TV (+19%), digital video (+18%), and digital display (+15%) have all experienced a rise. So has overall digital ad spend.

According to eMarketer’s forecast, global ad investments will reach almost $333 B, making up 54% of total media ad spend. When it comes to 2021’s ad spending plans, about 70% of buyers still have their budgets in a state of flux, though those buyers predict at least a 5% uptick for 2021 compared with this year.