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Adtech Prime : Flash news November 17th

Adtech Prime : Flash news November 17th

  • Instagram redesign emphasizes Reels, shopping: Instagram has launched a home screen redesign following tests and has placed tabs for its TikTok competitor Reels and in-app
  • TVision Launches Solution For Drilling Down To Person-Level TV Ad Measurement:On Monday, TVision (not to be confused with the recently launched T-Mobile streaming service of the same name) released a solution called Advanced Audience Projections that helps measurement companies track TV ad reach at the person-level (read more)
  • Watch the newest commercials on tv from vistaprint, facebook, (here)
  • Magnite Hops Aboard The Unified ID 2.0 Train: On Monday, Magnite said it will adopt the ID initiative to use encrypted and hashed email addresses as the basis for a standard identity replacement for third-party cookies. The Trade Desk has been striking deals left and right over the last few weeks to support Unified ID 2.0, including with LiveRamp, Criteo and Nielsen. (Read more)