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Adtech vendors respond to Google's plans to extend Privacy Sandbox proposal to Android

Adtech vendors respond to Google's plans to extend Privacy Sandbox proposal to Android

Google’s Privacy Sandbox restricts the amount of data third-party developers can access, but that restriction does not apply to native mobile apps, so marketers need to pay closer attention. The company will use its Chrome browser as a testing ground for these new restrictions and is urging other browsers to adopt their policies.

Google has previously criticized Apple’s approach to mobile privacy, claiming that it’s “not comprehensive enough.”

It recently called for the creation of a Global Privacy Enforcement Network to help coordinate the efforts of privacy regulators to crack down on companies that violate data protection laws.

“Without strong privacy protections in place, consumers may be reluctant to embrace innovative advertising technologies,” said Google senior privacy counsel Heather Adkins.

Some adtech vendors are concerned about Google’s impact on their business, citing the search giant’s power and influence in the market, welcome Google’s Privacy Sandbox for Android, believing it will help maintain transparency and gain consumer trust. Another noted that there’s been much discussion about how to enable transparency via improved tracking frameworks and that Google is setting an example for others by opening up about its intentions in this regard.

What's your takeaway from this upcoming restriction?