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Advances in programmatic technology continue to enhance media quality

Advances in programmatic technology continue to enhance media quality

Over the past two years, programmatic has gained even greater traction and grown more sophisticated, supporting a rise in media quality levels along
the way. Long-established markets in the IAS Media Quality Report have
seen widespread and sustained year-on-year gains driven by media quality improvements in programmatic. Additionally, the newer entrants to the Media Quality Report such as India, Mexico, and Singapore show significantly better media quality (higher viewability and time-in-view, lower ad fraud and brand risk) for inventory sold programmatically compared to inventory sourced direct.

Key to this success is the development of  growing suite of media quality solutions for programmatic advertising that give ad buyers and sellers greater control in driving efficiencies, greater optimisation, and provide tools to control the content in which ads appear in, that ultimately all lead to better campaign outcomes.