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Advertisers top challenges regarding data in 2020

Advertisers top challenges regarding data in 2020

In the US, the top challenges regarding the use of data today are identifying audiences across screens and ensuring that data is compliant with consumer data privacy initiatives.

Data security, accuracy, and compliance are key challenges across the global markets surveyed. Nearly two thirds of US advertisers think that consumers are at least moderately familiar with current and upcoming data privacy regulations. A July survey of 1,000 US consumers proved that data privacy is top‐of‐mind. Only 4% said they don’t think about data privacy at all.

Advertisers across the Atlantic are not quite as convinced. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) introduced in Europe over two years ago, advertisers in the UK, France, and Germany may consider regulations less top‐of‐mind to consumers today. According to research conducted by Integral Ad Science, one third of UK consumers say they are unaware of data privacy rules that regulate the collection and use of their personal data.

Advertisers in Brazil feel similarly — only 39% consider consumers to be at least moderately familiar with data privacy regulations. Still, nearly three‐in‐five advertisers think the recent implementation of LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados), Brazil’s version of GDPR, will have a significant impact on their advertising. While consumers in Brazil may not be extremely familiar with LGPD, research from GlobalWebIndex finds that 83% do worry about how their personal data is being used by companies.

Following the lead of GDPR in Europe, the US is enacting data privacy regulations at the state‐level. With these state‐mandated data privacy initiatives, consumers have more regulations to be aware of compared to the single sweeping legislations that we see in Europe and Brazil. CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) went into effect in the US and nearly three‐in‐four US advertisers say CCPA will have a significant impact on their video advertising over the next six months. The only event that will be more impactful is the loss of third‐party cookies.

The deprecation of third‐party cookies will have a very significant impact on video advertising according to advertisers across regions. Third‐party cookies have historically been the backbone for ad targeting, optimization, and measurement. With their demise, new and more reliable solutions will emerge. 48% of UK advertisers say data accuracy and ensuring data compliance are top challenge. While 44% of French advertisers say data security is a top challenge. And 41% of US advertisers say ensuring data compliance and identifying audiences across screens are top challenges.