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Amazon and Adtech : A matured market

Amazon and Adtech : A matured market

The adtech market is changing and becoming mature for Amazon. The US firm is creating new ad formats and new targeting and metering features. Marketers are now taking a more measured approach by testing the return on their Amazon ad spend.

Kevin Packler, Vice President and Director of Amazon Services at Tombras Group (Advertising Agency) told Digiday, “Year-over-year growth rates have slowed down, in line with what you expect from a platform. maturing form “.

Far behind a certain duopoly …

In its report on the first quarter results, Amazon said its revenue for the “other” category, primarily advertising, was $ 2.7 billion, a 36% year-over-year increase. the other. However, Amazon is still far behind the duopoly Google – Facebook. With 8.8% of total spend on digital ads, it does not carry weight with the 59% that weigh the two giants.