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Amazon is close to buy Sizmek

Amazon is close to buy Sizmek

Amazon is close to an agreement to buy advertising technology from bankrupt company Sizmek Inc. as part of an agreement that would give the e-commerce giant another weapon against the dominant advertising activities of Google.

A transaction not yet finalized

The purchase could be announced this week, according to two people informed about it. Amazon and Sizmek representatives declined to comment.

Sizmek sold companies as part of the bankruptcy proceedings initiated in March. The company estimated that its assets were between $ 100 million and $ 500 million. She has already sold some parts to Zeta Global Holdings Corp. for about $ 36 million.

Amazon is likely to have greater ambitions for showing ads in the video, where it would compete with FreeWheel and Google, but Sizmek could be a very cost-effective and efficient way to recover an ad server and key analytics data that relate to it. Sizmek sold its DSP and DMP business to Zeta Global for up to $ 36 million – receiving $ 15 million of stock and cash. Amazon could therefore “enhance” its advertising challenge to Google.