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Amazon violates the COPPA law

Amazon violates the COPPA law

Nineteen consumer and privacy groups accused Amazon of violating the COPPA (Online Privacy Protection) for Children Act via Echo Dot Kids Edition, which stores voice recordings and other information on users under 13 years old.

There are 19 advocates for consumer rights and public health led by the Campaign for a Child Without Advertising (CCFC) and the Center for Digital Democracy (CDD) that are on the spot.

Overwhelming reasons

They blame Amazon devices for faulty parental controls with nonspecific permissions and ineffective age verification, the Washington Post reports. Abuses are visible: data kept even after it has been deleted by parents, deceptive privacy rules … Amazon clings to child records longer than necessary.

Amazon expresses itself on these facts by affirming that “FreeTime on Alexa and Echo Dot Kids Edition are in conformity with the law Coppa”. Who to believe, then?

“Children are a particularly vulnerable population,” wrote Senator Edward J. Markey, D-Mass., In a draft letter that he plans to send to the FTC on Thursday. “We urge the Commission to take all necessary measures to protect their privacy.”