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Amazon's acquisition of Sizmek may have consequences for Google

Amazon's acquisition of Sizmek may have consequences for Google

Amazon’s acquisition of the Sizmek ad server on Friday allows it to compete with Google for advertiser budgets.

Amazon is likely to gain new Sizmek customers who do not want to change their ad server, as well as some advertisers who do not like the idea of working with Google.

Rather than compete on ad serving, Sizmek’s purchase is more of an Amazon game designed to bolster its own stack of ads. An advertising server, which will serve as a registry for all brand media activities, could improve Amazon’s attribution and measurement solutions – and allow its larger customers to dig deeper into the market. ‘business.

But the partnership goes well beyond the competition in the third-party server market, which is a difficult business with extremely small margins in which Google is already dominant.

We need to put things in context: we were talking about it a month ago, but Google remains the ad’s favorite place.