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What marketers need to know about attention metrics

What marketers need to know about attention metrics

Time to test and learn

The newness and hype around attention can draw brands into investing in the wrong tools or partners, and without many public examples of best practices, brands are testing with some trepidation.

Cars24 is one of these brands and Erin Williamson, chief customer officer, advises brands to take on a test-and-learn mentality.

“For me, it’s about how your immediate media partner has learned about attention measurement from the source – can they demonstrate how they would implement it for your brand, are they able to articulate the results and advise on how to take action accordingly? I’d also advise caution for anyone that promises the universe – the technology is new, we’re all learning about it, so insist on a test-and-learn approach with visible results before you commit. For me, the ultimate result is commercial – not simply securing higher attention properties but translating this into greater saliency and sales. We’re thrilled that our media agency, Hatched Media, has been such an early adopter in this space. Being a smaller and more nimble agency partnering with our startup mentality at Cars24 allows for quick action in implementation,” she says.

With attention being at a critical but early stage, the opportunity is in the hands of the industry to set a new gold standard for digital metrics.