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Buyers' expectations for CTV in 2021

Buyers' expectations for CTV in 2021

With budget constraints stemming f rom the pandemic, brands began shifting more spend f rom linear to CTV in part because of its measurability. Demonstrating campaign effectiveness is more important in the current climate, and traditional TV ad buys have always included some amount of waste, including overexposure and lack of 1:1 targeting. CTV, on the other hand, gives brands the ability to prove campaign ROI through tangible consumer outcomes.

Buyers are more educated on the advanced measurement and attribution solutions in the market today. In the upcoming year, they are keen to move beyond traditional linear standards and focus their CTV measurement in three areas:

Brand lift: Understand how viewers feel about the brand after viewing thead and whether or not they retained a greater sense of brand recognition.

Incremental reach and frequency: Demonstrate that CTV campaigns are engaging new or unique audiences that aren’t being reached throughlinear campaigns.

Impact on sales: Quantify the ROI of different mediums by linking ad exposure to actual online or in-store purchases.