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Chrome Causing 'Publisher Angst'

Chrome Causing 'Publisher Angst'

The latest beta version of Chrome includes a feature called “continuous search,” which displays alternative sites when users click from the Google search results feed to a link. This could cause “major publisher angst,” according to the SEO consultant Glenn Gabe.

He showed how after a search for men’s golf shoes led him to Dick’s Sporting Goods’ site, a new bar below the URL suggests and other options from the results feed.

It’s not a glitch; in fact, Chrome has options for the new search settings, including one to double the height of the continuous search bar, which makes it larger than the standard URL bar.

The continuous search feature isn’t default, but eventually could be if it’s popular. At the moment, there are no paid media opportunities attached to continuous search. But as Gabe indicates, it could become a sharp conquesting tool if a site or product description can be displayed below a competitor’s URL, one easy click away. Search Engine Roundtable has more.