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EMarketer: Instagram, Snapchat outpace Facebook in engagement growth

EMarketer: Instagram, Snapchat outpace Facebook in engagement growth

EMarketer’s revised estimates for social media usage indicate how the coronavirus pandemic has spurred a significant shift in consumer habits, a change that has major implications for mobile marketers that seek to reach U.S. audiences. With many advertisers scaling back or delaying their media spending amid a slump in consumer demand, they face increased the pressure to make their more limited ad dollars work as much as possible. Marketers need to be where their audiences are, and eMarketer’s forecast suggests that advertisers are more likely to connect with those U.S. consumers who have dramatically increased their time spent on social media.

EMarketer predicts that Instagram and Snapchat this year will see higher usage growth than Facebook, which isn’t a surprise considering the social network is a more mature company with established usage patterns. However, Instagram and Snapchat have added many new features in recent months to broaden their functionality and keep people engaged.