June 7, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #13 - Meet the Start-Up Foodetective

          The amazing dynamic trio from Foodetective is in our Paradise Pitch this week!

          June 6, 2019

          Apple is launching a new way to protect user's data

          On Monday at the World Developer Conference, Apple launched a mini-bomb: a secure logon button fo...

          June 5, 2019

          Cyberfraud : An important shortfall

          A new report released Monday by the cybersecurity company Cheq indicates that advertisers will lo...

          June 3, 2019

          Amazon's acquisition of Sizmek may have consequences for Google

          Amazon's acquisition of the Sizmek ad server on Friday allows it to compete with Google for adver...

          May 31, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #12 - Meet the Start-Up Velenvi

          Mehdi was the first one of all our Paradise Pitchers to tell us he puts on one sock and then one ...

          May 29, 2019

          How To Solve Issues With Redirect Malicious Ads?

          Malicious ads are getting smarter every day and now they started to target the most popular and e...

          May 28, 2019

          Amazon is starting to crush the competition

          Amazon’s private label brands have become category powerhouses, and the commerce giant makes comp...

          May 24, 2019

          T-Mobile and Sprint : A fusion that benefits advertising

          Although the Justice Ministry may try to block the proposed merger between T-Mobile and Sprint (n...

          May 23, 2019

          Twitch (Amazon) is highly considering advertising industry

          At any given moment, 1 million people are connected on Twitch and watch the half-million people w...

          May 22, 2019

          The DNT concept is reappearing in 2019

          Senator Josh Hawley is reviving the ten-year-old concept proposed in a bill to allow consumers to...

          May 21, 2019

          Intelligent Tracking Prevention vs Google Chrome security

          Are the recently announced Chrome privacy controls a good answer to the latest versions of Apple'...

          May 20, 2019

          Amazon is close to buy Sizmek

          Amazon is close to an agreement to buy advertising technology from bankrupt company Sizmek Inc. a...

          May 20, 2019

          Pause Café #13 - Supply Path Optimization

          Supply Path Optimization (SPO) allows programmatic purchasing platforms to sort the more and more...

          May 17, 2019

          Google Accelerated Mobile : A mixed opinion

          Google's Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are controversial among publishers. There is stil...

          May 17, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #11 - Meet the Start-Up Wilov

          Almost as good as Prince, maybe if our ukulele was a little more functional...

          May 15, 2019

          Failure of the acquisition of Scout24

          The attempt to buy the German online classifieds specialist Scout24 by Hellman & Friedman funds a...

          May 14, 2019

          2019 : A "data-driven" world

          In the midst of an almost overwhelming deluge of data and its elusive utility, it's easy to forge...

          May 13, 2019

          Amazon and Adtech : A matured market

          The adtech market is changing and becoming mature for Amazon. The US firm is creating new ad form...

          May 13, 2019

          Pause Café #12 - Lazy-Loading

          Initially, lazy loading is a technic that allows you to load blocs or parts of a website independ...

          May 10, 2019

          Amazon violates the COPPA law

          Nineteen consumer and privacy groups accused Amazon of violating the COPPA (Online Privacy Protec...

          May 10, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #10 - Meet the Start-Up HandyCatch

          This week, learn a little bit about Montasser, he is the founder and CEO of HandyCatch, and a Gam...

          May 9, 2019

          California Consumer Privacy Act is changing

          The California Consumer Privacy Act is a changing regulation. As a reminder, these laws were crea...

          May 7, 2019

          Important changes of Google Chrome policy

          The Google Chrome browser officially launches its tool to protect the data of its users: a dashbo...

          May 6, 2019

          Facebook is launching its crypto-currency

          After Bitcoin, Ripple or even Ethereum ... It's Facebook's turn to get into cryptocurrency with '...

          May 6, 2019

          Pause Café #11 - Viewability

          The viewability rate, in digital marketing, corresponds to the amount of ads which "at least 50% ...

          May 3, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #9 - Meet the Start-Up Reenbow

          We got a Slack fanatic !

          This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Reenbow's COO Rédouane, an...

          May 3, 2019

          Publishers need to adapt to RTB best practices

          Obtaining the best performance at the lowest price is essential in the management of its site. Ho...

          May 2, 2019

          Google goes to first-price auction : The consequences

          Google's move to a first-price bid changes the dynamics of the publisher stack and redistributes ...

          April 30, 2019

          Adtech intermediaries are slowly disappearing

          A trend is climbing on the part of publishers. They are gradually separating intermediaries by cu...

          April 29, 2019

          Pause Café #10 - First Price Auction vs Second Price Auction



          Historically, the whole of the programmatic advertisement market worked with second price ...

          April 29, 2019

          Apple is still fighting about user's data protection

          An update appeared regarding Apple's data protection. We were talking about it a few weeks ago wi...

          April 26, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #8 - Meet the Start-up Wino

           Ophélie is the first Paradise Pitcher ever to attempt and actually kind of succeed at playing ou...

          April 26, 2019

          What about legality and CMPs ?

          Today, the Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) are Ad tech's response to the European General Dat...

          April 25, 2019

          Facebook anticipates a penalty from FTC

          There is already several articles about Facebook and its troubles with justice. Today, the Americ...

          April 24, 2019

          Tips & Tricks #9 - Optimize your Adex or Adsense Revenue Thanks to Header-Bidding

          Nowadays, a lot of publishers use Google Ad Manager to manage their inventory. The adserver al...

          April 24, 2019

          Unilever is launching its 'Unilever Trust Publishers"

          Unilever, one of the global giants in the consumer products market, recently announced "Unilever ...

          April 23, 2019

          Zeta Global is buying back Sizmek

          Sizmek will sell its data management platform, acquired from Rocket Fuel and its Zeta Global DSP ...

          April 19, 2019

          Pause Café #9 - The DMP

          A DMP is a Data Management Platform. It allows you to handle your data in a platform. This inc...

          April 19, 2019

          Publicis bought Epsilon, and a lot more...

          We were talking about it this week, Publicis acquired Epsilon mainly for its data management. But...

          April 18, 2019

          Publicis and user's data : a buyout of Epsilon

          Last Sunday, Publicis acquired Epsilon, a marketing agency for $ 4.4 billion. The third global gr...

          April 17, 2019

          Tips & Tricks #8 - Choose Your Ads and Formats Without Disrupting the UX


          It is important for publishers to monetize their website, but it is just as much important t...

          April 17, 2019

          Sizmek's bankruptcy : What impact on DSPs/SSPs ?

          Sizmek's bankruptcy has a large impact on Adtech market. One of the most pressing concerns comes ...

          April 15, 2019

          Pause Café #8 - The AMP Format

          AMP means “Accelerated Mobile Pages”; it is a format of files that can accelerate the display ...

          April 12, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #7 - Meet the Start-up Smeal



          April 12, 2019

          IAB : Creation of two new security tools

          There was first Ads.txt, then App-ads.txt. There are now different object specifications

          April 11, 2019

          Waze switches to programmatic

          Waze is now navigating the trend and switching to programmatic.

          April 10, 2019

          Tips & Tricks #7 - Affiliation

          For the smaller publishers, in addition to integrating ads that are sold at a CPM via adexchanges...

          April 10, 2019

          Google moves to "first price" auction : What impact ?

          April 9, 2019

          GRO Capital invests in Ad tech with Adform

          Ad tech and buy-side company Adform announced Monday an investment from GRO Capital, a Danish pri...

          April 8, 2019

          Google : Slowly abandoned by advertisers for Amazon

          Advertisers are starting to redirect their spending on Google search ads in Alphabet Inc. to Amaz...

          April 5, 2019

          Pause Café #7 - Server-Side Header-Bidding

          Unlike client-side, the connexions with the different SSPs are done server to server. The publis...

          April 5, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #6 - Meet the Start-Up Trone

          Have you ever seen restrooms that are just out of this world? Well this is what Hugo, founder of...

          April 5, 2019

          Amazon/Facebook duopoly : Still moving up despite bad estimations

          While forecasts indicated that Google and Facebook would lose points in the US digital advertisin...

          April 5, 2019

          Google will block third-party cookies : What is the impact for publishers ?

          We already talked about it earlier this week: After Apple and Mozilla, Google Chrome will also bl...

          April 4, 2019

          Facebook : Another scandal about user's data protection

          Millions of Facebook user data have been inadvertently posted in plain view on Amazon's cloud com...

          April 3, 2019

          CDP : A tool for user's data regulation

          Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are present to help businesses create a single view of their custo...

          April 2, 2019

          Tips & Tricks #6 - Monetizing Your Data

          There are several solutions to monetize your data and benefit from it.

          April 2, 2019

          IAB Europe is modifying its TCF Policy

          IAB Europe (an organization that brings together Internet advertising players, whose goal is to d...

          April 1, 2019

          Pause Café #6 - Client-Side Header-Bidding

          All the requests are done at the level of the browser. The tag loads itself and calls all the SS...

          April 1, 2019

          Google goes into the logic of protecting user data

          After drastic choices in the protection of user data from Apple and Mozilla, Google remains on th...

          March 28, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #5 - Meet the Start-up Lemlist

          Guillaume, CEO and co-founder of Lemlist answered all of our questions, and with an awesome smil...

          March 27, 2019

          Newsletter and native format : A growing tool

          The native format is becoming popular. It is growing a lot in particular in the newsletter, an ol...

          March 26, 2019

          US native Advertising, a maturing market

          Investment growth should weaken in a context where, paradoxically, advertisers are investing more...

          March 25, 2019

          Adtech market is in consolidation, but also self-destructing

          Programmatic advertising has grown in terms of numbers by several hundred percentage points. Mark...

          March 21, 2019

          Advertising fraud : a popular and lucrative phenomenon

          Fraud is everywhere, and even in the middle of online advertising

          March 20, 2019

          Pause Café #5 - The Holistic Yield

          Today, publishers have different sales solutions. Direct campaigns that they negociate by mutual...

          March 20, 2019

          What about "data" in a context of privacy regulation ?

          The new popular word in those days is data(s). These are the f acts and statistics collected toge...
          March 19, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #4 - Meet the Start-up Phantombuster (Video)

          Guillaume, the king of flowery ukuleles is the CEO of the start-up phantombuster.

          March 19, 2019

          Media arbitration, an endangered process ?

          Media arbitrage - buying advertising space at a price, adding value and reselling it at a higher ...

          March 19, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #3 - Meet the Start-up Kushim (Video)

          Clément, haunted by monthly recurring revenues, is co-founder and CEO of the Start-up Kushim.

          March 19, 2019

          Paradise Pitch #2 - Meet Lamia from the Start-up Lok-Iz

          With her boundless energy, Lamia is co-founder of Lok-Iz, the start-up that remunerates real-est...

          March 19, 2019

          Tips & Tricks #5 - Doing Header Bidding

          In this article, you will see all the different ways to do header bidding.

          March 18, 2019

          Tips & Tricks #4 - Direct Selling (Video)

          How to sell your inventory directly?

          Prerequisite number one: Having a volume important enough t...

          March 18, 2019

          Pause Café #4 - Cookie Matching (Video)

          What is cookie matching?

          Cookie matching is a particular type of cookie which's primary function...

          March 18, 2019

          The arrival of 5G: What impact for advertising?

          In the small world of marketing, we are impatient with the idea of being able to take advantage o...

          March 15, 2019

          Pause Café #3 - The Time-Out (Video)

          Overall definition : "latency time left to answer in a communication"

          March 15, 2019

          Pause Café #2 - API (Video)

          What is an API ?

          March 15, 2019

          Google's monopoly questioned

          Towards the end of last week, a senator (presidential candidate of 2020) explained how her admini...

          March 14, 2019

          Tips & Tricks #3 - Choosing your demand platforms (Video)


          Choosing the SSPs you're going to work with is a crucial step of header-bidding. They have to m...

          March 14, 2019

          Tips & Tricks #2 - Choosing your floorprices (Video)

          In order to sell your ad placements in the most efficient and advantageous way, you need to have...

          March 14, 2019

          A new investigation for Facebook

          At the beginning of March, an investigation was opened concerning Facebook. Instigated by the New...

          March 13, 2019

          PMP is not ready to dissapear

          Let's be clear: private marketplaces (PMPs) are far from declining or losing importance. These se...

          March 11, 2019

          A possible sale of Sizmek, the advertising platform

          As a reminder, Sizmek is a full-program programmatic media buying platform. Last year, the compan...

          March 8, 2019

          SPO : A supply path that needs to be refine

          With more than 85% of total US digital spend expected to be transacted programmatically, one thin...

          March 7, 2019

          Google goes to auction in "First Price"

          Google will end auction 2019 in "First Price" on Google Ad Manager (its Exchange and Adserver). T...

          February 28, 2019

          Tips and Tricks

          Because for a long time, content publishers have been made to believe that they are not able to h...

          February 27, 2019

          An increasing speculation in Amazon advertising incomes

          Amazon, the e-commerce giant, does not have just one activity. The company is present in the fi...

          February 27, 2019

          Apple join the fight in user data protection

          Right now, the digital advertising market is very dynamic, and new companies are constantly emer...

          February 26, 2019

          Adtech Talks #1 : The RGPD (Video)

          Presented by Sébastien Couasnon, Adtech Talks is the meeting of professionals of the adtech who b...

          February 26, 2019

          The Jeff Koons Interview of Nicolas Biscaye ! 🎨 (Video)

          Jeff Koons : Adlive Technology gives voice to publishers who have the opportunity to talk about t...

          February 26, 2019

          Pause Café #1 : The CMP (Video)

          A CMP is a Consent Management Platform. It is a technological platform that is dedicated to coll...

          February 26, 2019

          Tips&Tricks #1 : Multi-Size Ad Units (Video)

          February 10, 2019

          A challenge for the New Year: how to explain header bidding to my grandmother…

          While everyone is gently recovering from the diverse excesses of the festive season and a good pa...

          February 10, 2019

          How Adlive Technology offers automated onboarding thanks to “Appy”, its Publisher Manager.

          Since the beginning of the year 2018, we have interacted with more than one thousand customers an...

          February 10, 2019

          The challenges of publishers with integrating “supply path optimization” algorithms with DSPs.

          Established by several market DSPs, “Supply Path Optimisation” (SPO) is the new fashionable word ...

          February 10, 2019

          Server-side Header Bidding explained by Adlive – S2S

          Presently, we all know that Header Bidding has become a big priority in programming and the solut...

          February 10, 2019

          4 Factors to consider before the implementation of Header Bidding

          Now you are convinced beyond doubt that the implementation of Header Bidding is the best solution...

          February 10, 2019

          Header Bidding optimisation strategies to be followed by publishers

          Initial implementation of Header Bidding gave rise to increases in revenue that ranged from 35% t...

          February 10, 2019

          The advantages of Header Bidding in the digital media industry

          Currently, Header Bidding is a technological solution that has proven itself in the Adtech indust...

          February 10, 2019

          How does Header Bidding work?

          Header bidding is a script that is executed in the header of the webpage of the publisher’s websi...

          February 10, 2019

          4 reasons why you will love Header Bidding

          Header Bidding is an upgrade of RTB which makes it possible for publishers to maximise their yiel...

          February 10, 2019

          Publishers, here is the best method to define your Header Bidding partners

          In order to create a competitive Header Bidding tag, the publisher must first of all define his p...

          February 10, 2019

          Header Bidding, the solution to the drawbacks of the Waterfall system

          The management of revenue is one of the most important preoccupations of publishers, this is why ...

          February 10, 2019

          Understanding Header Bidding in 3 points

          The solution to achieve holistic yield is Header Bidding which makes it possible to optimise the ...

          February 10, 2019

          Header bidding, a strategic turning point for French publishers

          The adtech industry is characterised by a very rapid cycle of innovation which is fed by investme...

          February 10, 2019

          Of what importance is Header bidding to publishers? Here are five things you should know!

          What is the ideal that publishers strive to attain? All-round yield! Some years ago, this concept...

          February 10, 2019

          How do you choose your header bidding server?

          The latest Header Bidding update consists of moving requests from client browser side to an exter...

          February 10, 2019

          The implementation of Header Bidding Mobile

          Header Bidding mobile is now a topic that is largely discussed among publishers and advertisers i...

          February 10, 2019

          3 tips for optimising your Header Bidding configuration

          During the past two years, Header bidding has stormed the digital advertising space. Industry obs...

          February 10, 2019

          Dynamic management of floor prices: a boost for your programmatic revenue

          Thanks to header bidding, publishers are even more involved in the search for strategies to optim...

          February 10, 2019

          Header Bidding - Hybrid integration: more demand and more revenue

          Header Bidding - Hybrid integration: more demand and more revenue

          February 10, 2019

          How SSPs can increase their market share on Google ?

          According to the 2018 Advertiser Perceptions report, Programmatic Intelligence, Google Ad Manager...

          February 10, 2019

          The importance of having an available support and marketing team

          After choosing a partner that can handle granular reporting, a mid-market publisher needs regular...

          February 10, 2019

          4 header bidding tips to boost your CPM

          Since a little over one year ago, French publishers have started turning towards header bidding i...

          February 10, 2019

          How to optimise adsense or adexchange revenue using header bidding

          Today, numerous publishers use Google Ad Manager to manage their inventory. The adserver makes it...

          February 10, 2019

          What are the 10 criteria to be considered when choosing your header-bidding solution?

          Since some months ago, header-bidding technology has invaded the adtech industry. Publishers who ...

          February 10, 2019

          Commissions and transparency in the adtech industry

          Transparency is on the front burner of all discussions in the adtech industry. This concept has s...

          February 10, 2019

          How can a mid-market website monetise its inventory?

          As you know, nowadays, there are internet websites on any topic that comes to mind. Some websites...

          February 10, 2019

          The importance of monitoring results and the evolution of revenue on your advertisement inventory

          The importance of monitoring results and the evolution of revenue on your advertisement inventory

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