What can publishers expect from post-pandemic, cookie-less adtech?

Thousands in media are being laid off as the lockdown and resulting global economic downturn freezes marketing budgets. As we approach the second anniversary of the GDPR, publishers are facing the unenviable challenge of squeezing more value from digital advertising while also waving goodbye to the attribution, tracking and data once afforded by the third-party cookie. Miles […]

TikTok analytics tool aims to help marketers evaluate campaigns

Media analytics firm Conviva this week introduced TikTok Analytics to help social marketers track their campaigns on the popular viral video app. The firm added TikTok to its “social insights” dashboard that includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.​ Conviva’s software provides a singular cross-platform view to measure […]

LinkedIn Launches Newest Way to Interact With Your Network

Starting today, LinkedIn is rolling out its latest tool for users to interact with their online professional network: polls. Howie Fung from LinkedIn’s product team said the company had seen members regularly using LinkedIn to get opinions from their professional networks, since networks consist of people whose opinions users trust and value. Sothe company rolled out the feature tomake it […]

Google will soon block battery-draining ads from loading in Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser will begin blocking resource-heavy ads starting in late August, the companyannounced todayviaVentureBeat. By not displaying those resource-heavy ads, Chrome could ease the strain on your phone’s battery or your home network capacity. “We have recently discovered that a fraction of a percent of ads consume a disproportionate share of device resources, such […]

Facebook’s Newest Spot Salutes Mothers and Their Babies Who Were ‘Born in Quarantine’

“Born in Quarantine,” the latest spot from Facebook, debuted on Facebook’s platform channels Friday, just in time for Mother’s Day, and it will be extended to off-Facebook digital platforms and television Wednesday, May 13. Facebook said nearly 500,000 babies have been born during quarantine in the U.S., and the spot is aimed at helping them “lift each other up, […]

Google’s Read Along taps AI to improve kids’ reading skills

Google today launched Read Along, an Android app that taps AI and machine learning to help children learn to read by providing verbal and visual feedback. After first debuting in India, it’s now available in over 180 countries and in nine languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. Preliminary research suggests that apps […]

‘Big hole in the value chain’: one third of adtech costs unattributable finds Isba

The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers Isba has released the results of an in-depth probe into the adtech supply chain, finding that publishers receive only 51% of advertiser spend. One-third of supply chain costs were unattributed, which may force transparency from the convoluted process going forward. The Isba Programmatic Supply Chain Transparency Study, carried out by PwC, […]

How Microsoft, OpenAI, and OECD are putting AI ethics principles into practice

Microsoft’s AI ethics committee helped craft internal Department of Defense contract policy, and G20 member nations wouldn’t have passed AI ethics principles if it weren’t for Japanese leadership. That’s according to a case study examining projects at Microsoft, OpenAI, and OECD out this week. Published Tuesday, the UC Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity CLTC case study examines […]

An AI-driven chatbot is helping brands, agencies & the public during coronavirus

An AI-driven chatbot has been created in Singapore to offer social distancing-friendly activity ideas during the coronavirus pandemic. The chatbot, called ‘Ask Phoebe’ and created by Taiger, is also intended to help businesses market their services, keeping them in business. To scale this in May, Taiger is starting a movement called #MakeHomesGreatAgain to help people make […]

Facebook open-sources Blender, a chatbot people say ‘feels more human’

Facebook AI Research FAIR, Facebook’s AI and machine learning division, today detailed work on a comprehensive AI chatbot framework called Blender. FAIR claims that Blender, which is available in open source on GitHub, is the largest-ever open-domain chatbot and outperforms existing approaches to generating dialogue while “feel[ing] more human,” according to human evaluators. FAIR says Blender […]

Sprinklr Integrates With TikTok, Supports In-Feed Video Ads

Customer experience management platform Sprinklr is now integrated with video creation platform TikTok, making Sprinklr the first application-programming-interface partner to support in-feed video ads on TikTok. Advertisers can create and manage in-feed video ads on Sprinklr’s platform alongside their campaigns on other supported social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Line, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat. Big brands currently advertising […]

Can Covid-19 force adtech reset as media buckles under financial strain?

The current pandemic is magnifying pre-existing flaws in adtech. From systemic inefficiencies to limited oversight, to a value-draining lack of context around ad placements, the news media is wrestling with providing crucial coverage against a significant revenue shortfall. Recently, execs from news body Newsworks, news ad collective the Ozone Project and media buying agency Mediacom, […]

Researchers release data set to evaluate COVID-19 chatbots and search engines

In a paper published this week on the preprint server Arxiv.org, researchers at Facebook, New York University, and the University of Waterloo detail at question-answering data set — CovidQA — that comprises submissions from the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset Challenge, a collection of tasks based on scientific questions developed with the World Health Organization and the National Academies of Sciences, […]

How could COVID-19 change AR/VR’s future?

COVID-19 is impacting the lives of billions. Early-stage technology markets like virtual and augmented reality are trivial by comparison. However, AR/VR companies are dealing with knock-on effects both positive and negative. This analysis explores the potential future for AR/VR in the context of the silent cyclone we’re all going through. Digi-Capital’s long-term virtual andaugmented reality […]

Researchers say deep learning will power 5G and 6G ‘cognitive radios’

For decades, amateur two-way radio operators have communicated across entire continents by choosing the right radio frequency at the right time of day, a luxury made possible by having relatively few users and devices sharing the airwaves. But as cellular radios multiply in both phones and Internet of Things devices, finding interference-free frequencies is becoming more difficult, […]

Investors Are Looking for Ad Tech That Will Outlast the Pandemic

Despite the financial constriction caused by COVID-19 that has hastened the looming threat of consolidation in ad tech, some in the investment community are still placing bets. The economic chaos isn’t entirely preventing investors from evaluating new opportunities; instead, they are seeking out what they think will be requisite technologies once the world emerges from the […]

Facebook Takes Steps to Connect Those Without Internet Access

Facebook is taking steps to address the 3.5 billion people globally and over 18 million Americans who lack reliable internet access, revealing Wednesday that it is teaming up with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center and NetHope to focus on the communities that have been most affected by COVID-19. The social network said in its ongoing News Feed post about […]

How Microsoft tackles the 30,000 bugs its 47,000 developers generate each month

Microsoft is detailing how it handles bugs in its software and services using machine learning models. “47,000 developers generate nearly 30,000 bugs a month,” explains Scott Christiansen, a senior security program manager at Microsoft. The software maker tracks these bugs across GitHub and AzureDevOps repositories, but it’s a lot of issues to track with just traditional […]

StereoSet measures racism, sexism, and other forms of bias in AI language models

AI researchers from MIT, Intel, and Canadian AI initiative CIFAR have found high levels of stereotypical bias from some of the most popular pretrained models like Google’s BERT and XLNet, OpenAI’s GPT-2, and Facebook’s RoBERTa. The analysis was performed as part of the launch of StereoSet, a data set, challenge, leaderboard, and set of metrics for evaluating racism, sexism, and stereotypes […]

WhatsApp is addressing group video-calling limitations to better compete with Zoom

The COVID-19 crisis has created winners and losers across the technology realm — ride-hailing apps have plummeted due to widespread shelter-at-home policies while demand for remote-collaboration and communication tools have gone through the roof. An interesting trend is that services designed for specific use cases are now being given new life as businesses and consumers search for tools to […]

How utilities are using AI to adapt to electricity demands

The spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has prompted state and local governments around the U.S. to institute shelter-in-place orders and business closures. As millions suddenly find themselves confined to their homes, the shift has strained not only internet service providers, streaming platforms, and online retailers, but the utilities supplying power to the nation’s electrical grid, […]

Facebook Gaming Is Here—but Who Is It For?

FOR YEARS, THE words “ Facebook” and “gaming” were more likely to evoke memories of an aunt’s dusty Words With Friends invitation than anything else. And for years, Facebook has been on a journey to change, or at least broaden, its stodgy reputation among gamers young and old with its game-streaming platform, virtual reality technology, and push into cloud gaming. As part […]

The Influencer Economy Hurtles Toward Its First Recession

THE FIRST SIGNS of distress came not with panic, but positivity. “Hope you all are feeling safe and at peace hunkered down with your family,” one influencer wrote, paired with a selfie featuring her adorable children in pajamas. Another posted a photo of her “mini oasis,” a selection of well-kempt houseplants, along with the caption #stayhome. The new coronavirus provided an opportunity […]

Millennials, Gen Z Want Distraction—and Action—From Brands During Crisis

While several studies have been conducted in recent weeks in hopes of understanding what consumers need during an unprecedented global health crisis, many of them seem to just reflect the obvious rather than building a more helpful framework through which to see what’s happening around us. In contrast, Dentsu Aegis came up with a set of phases—based on the […]

Emerging platforms: what is Joox and why it is more than just a music streaming app

A music streaming service owned by Chinese entertainment giant Tencent, Joox was launched in 2015 and amassed over 50 million downloads in 2017 and recorded over two billion streams in the same year. Its audience base primarily comprises users from Asia excluding China – specifically in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. The platform […]

Adtech intermediaries are slowly disappearing

A trend is climbing on the part of publishers. They are gradually separating intermediaries by cutting ties with programmatic resellers. By working with fewer partners only with vouchers, publishers give priority to controlling the configuration of their ads, as well as to generate additional revenue. Indeed, the intermediaries are for the publishers a congestion in […]

Facebook is launching its crypto-currency

After Bitcoin, Ripple or even Ethereum … It’s Facebook’s turn to get into cryptocurrency with ‘Stablecoin’. This currency would be supported by consumer credit, payment and e-commerce companies. Facebook would have an advantage in connecting impressions and users to transactions and creating new monetization features. For example, users can accumulate ‘parts’ of money by interacting […]

Amazon violates the COPPA law

Nineteen consumer and privacy groups accused Amazon of violating the COPPA Online Privacy Protection for Children Act via Echo Dot Kids Edition, which stores voice recordings and other information on users under 13 years old. There are 19 advocates for consumer rights and public health led by the Campaign for a Child Without Advertising CCFC […]

Amazon and Adtech : A matured market

The adtech market ischangingand becoming mature for Amazon. The US firm is creating new ad formats and new targeting and metering features. Marketers are now taking a more measured approach by testing the return on their Amazon ad spend. Kevin Packler, Vice President and Director of Amazon Services at Tombras Group Advertising Agency told Digiday, […]

2019 : A “data-driven” world

In the midst of an almost overwhelming deluge of data and its elusive utility, it’s easy to forget the fundamental role people play in this treasure – the people who manage, operate and audit it. The world is slowly changing: the types of wealth are diversifying, and if there’s a wealth in the heart of […]

Failure of the acquisition of Scout24

The attempt to buy the German online classifieds specialist Scout24 by Hellman & Friedman funds and Blackstone is a failure. They failed to raise 50% of shares. As a reminder, Scout24 is a Munich-based holding company that manages several online service companies in Europe. A substantial offer This offer at 46 euros per share valued […]

Amazon is close to buy Sizmek

Amazon is close to an agreement to buy advertising technology from bankrupt company Sizmek Inc. as part of an agreement that would give the e-commerce giant another weapon against the dominant advertising activities of Google. A transaction not yet finalized The purchase could be announced this week, according to two people informed about it. Amazon […]

Cyberfraud : An important shortfall

A new report released Monday by the cybersecurity company Cheq indicates that advertisers will lose more than $ 23 billion in total advertising fraud in 2019. In addition, for every dollar spent on advertising, about 10 to 15% go to payment companies that protect marketers against fraud. Alarming figures The explanation for these numbers boils […]

GAFA are the biggest spender in advertising

Facebook, Amazon, Google are perhaps the largest advertising platforms in the world, but as advertisers, they have become the biggest spenders, according to a global advertising forecast published by GroupM, published Wednesday. As an advertiser, digital natives are driving global growth in ad spend. Of course, GroupM does not expect that the growth rate of […]

Privacy protection is still relevant

The French data protection regulator publishes its action plan. In the latter, targeted online advertising must be a “priority topic”. The CNIL shared its 2019-2020 agenda in response to calls from the public, privacy advocates and online marketing professionals seeking advice on how to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. Even more than […]

Epsilon acquisition by Publicis is now done

It’s official: Publicis Groupe has finalized its acquisition of Epsilon for $3.9 billion. On Tuesday, the holding company laid out its integration plan for Epsilon, which will absorb the Publicis PeopleCloud and become the group’s central data platform. Epsilon’s creative agency business will be merged into Publicis Communications, while the CJ Affiliate network will be […]

Taxes are emerging for digital giants

Taxes on advanced technologies are becoming a reality in the EU. While US companies such as Facebook and Google play a growing role in Europeans’ daily lives, they pay little tax to their governments. For years, countries have reduced corporate taxes to attract businesses abroad. Now, this trend reverses for the first time, with France’s […]

Google first price auction : what benefits ?

It’s been years now since Google announced advances that would benefit both Google and publishers. But this time it was different. Almost all those present are concerned about the lack of information and clear product gaps. And now, nearly three months and countless discussions later with Google, publishers, vendor-side platforms SSPs, demand side platforms DSPs […]

About digital growth : Small businesses invest

While major brands are slowly changing their budgets to digital media, it is small businesses that are driving the growth of Internet advertising spend. The digital will represent for the first time in 2021 total advertising expenditure totaling $ 350 billion, according to the global forecast of advertising expenses of Zenith, published Monday. Total advertising […]

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