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The first Pre-Bid CTV Contextual Planning and Targeting Toolset has been launched

The first Pre-Bid CTV Contextual Planning and Targeting Toolset has been launched

Peer39, a global independent cookie-free data and intelligence company, today launched a cookie-free contextual planning and targeting tool set for connected TV (CTV) advertising. For the very first time, CTV buyers can now utilise Peer39’s contextual analysis to understand the programming surrounding CTV ad impressions, giving them deeper insights for contextually planning, targeting and activating CTV campaigns.

This evolutionary step in CTV ad targeting gives buyers more data and intelligence on inventory, helping solve CTV’s primary issues of fragmentation, transparency, inefficient buying, and insufficient contextual information around inventory. This new method for targeting inventory should help bring rapid expansion to an already growing CTV marketplace.

Advertisers will now have access to a new suite of signals that go beyond the technical attributes, like device type or bandwidth speed, they have access to now through buying technologies. The Peer39 solution brings contextual intelligence and structure to this emerging environment, giving brands consistent, uniform and scalable contextual data and segmentation intelligence for buyers who previously had to deal with disparate sets of data for targeting and optimizing their buys.

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