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Five Things Brands Must Do in Order to Adapt to Changing Media Trends

Five Things Brands Must Do in Order to Adapt to Changing Media Trends

1.      Generate Video Content—In the U.S., the number of people who watch live video content will increase from 136.4 million in 2020 to 154.7 million in 2023. Capitalize on the number of people spending time at home for the coronavirus pandemic and consider streaming ads when possible.

2.     Mobile First—Due to Coronavirus, 73% of users reported spending more time on their smartphones, with the biggest increases occurring among Gen Z and Millennials.

3.     Focus on eCommerce Channel—having a strong online presence is going to be pivotal for small businesses. By relying more on digital connections and ecommerce, businesses can expand their customer base and connect with existing clients. 66% of small businesses will rely on ecommerce more after the coronavirus pandemic.

4.     Alter Your Messaging—The pandemic has consumed people’s everyday lives and they are itching to return to a “normal” life. While being empathetic of the current times, make sure your messaging is appropriate and caters to consumers’ new way of life.

5.     Social is King—Broaden your horizons and advertise on a variety of platforms. 73% of social users are on over three different platforms. 13% use over ten platforms. Don’t limit your ads to just one or two platforms, you will miss out on a large percentage of your audience.

Every brand needs to alter their media strategy with the coronavirus pandemic and consumers changing their behavior patterns. MNI Targeted Media is here to help you understand how your audience’s consumption habits have changed and how to best navigate a new digital strategy.

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