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The future of digital out-of-home is programmatic

The future of digital out-of-home is programmatic

More media buyers are learning how to implement programmatic OOH and there are more unified standards and measurements coming into place.

Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic turned the whole world upside down and impacted nearly all industries, including out of home. At VIOOH, we have seen through our research and from increased client demand, the need for campaign flexibility has been critical for brands due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

The resulting accelerated adoption of programmatic out of home shows that, once used for the first time, advertisers are becoming reluctant to return to more traditional buying methods for OOH.

This month, VIOOH released its annual β€˜Programmatic Out of Home State of the Nation’ whitepaper. The paper surveyed and interviewed 1,000 advertising and agency executives across five markets (UK, US, Germany, France and Australia) to gain a deeper insight into their perceptions of programmatic OOH and what they predict for the future.

For me, the report highlighted four key factors behind the increased adoption of programmatic out of home and what will also be the driving forces for its continued growth:

Multi-channel campaigns

Programmatic is increasingly being seen as an enabler to support both brand and performance objectives, and due to this relevance at both ends of the funnel, we’re starting to see a real shift in programmatic OOH being planned and bought alongside other programmatic digital channels.

In the UK, nearly nine out of ten (89%) of executives stated they plan to integrate programmatic OOH more into their multi-channel campaigns. This helps advertisers reinforce their comms to market across channels, and makes it easier to plan and buy media strategically.

It is this increased inclusion into multi-channel campaigns that will be a key driver in the widespread adoption of programmatic OOH both in the UK and globally.

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