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Google Accelerated Mobile : A mixed opinion

Google Accelerated Mobile : A mixed opinion

Google’s Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) are controversial among publishers. There is still some way to go and some optimization to make this concept viable.

The main reason is the fact of being forced to join the plate-form of Google’s content hosting. In parallel, we can observe the fear and anger of publishers, who complain about unfulfilled traffic goals.

A meeting was needed

The GPA Advisory Committee met for a few weeks to discuss potential changes to the service, according to Terence Eden, technical advisor to UK national health services and opposed the AMP initiative.

According to the returns, the sources of information of poor quality are unfortunately very present with AMP. These sites provide information on the increase in traffic. On the other side of the fence, top quality news publishers have been treated on their own technology to broadcast sites and tags are at a disadvantage.

The advisory committee has the appearance of what Google has seriously reworked parts of the AMP project. “For more information, see the official minutes of the meeting.