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Google first price auction : what benefits ?

Google first price auction : what benefits ?

It’s been years now since Google announced advances that would benefit both Google and publishers.

But this time it was different. Almost all those present are concerned about the lack of information and clear product gaps. And now, nearly three months and countless discussions later with Google, publishers, vendor-side platforms (SSPs), demand side platforms (DSPs) and agencies, are asking the ultimate question: is Google do it for our sector or does it do it for itself?

A first, relatively easy step for Google would be to contribute AdX to, the industry-centric auction of headers and price top bids. Features such as the minimum bid to win must also be built into an adapter for Prebid.

Google must prove that it is right. And then, in the decisive phase for the real unified auction, each player has the opportunity to compete and publishers will choose the best product on the market.