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Google Lets You Limit Ads For Weight Loss And Pregnancy

Google Lets You Limit Ads For Weight Loss And Pregnancy

Google is letting you limit ads about pregnancy, weight loss, and other sensitive topics.

Google says it wants to give you more control over the ads you see. Starting today, you can tell the company to stop showing you ads about pregnancy and parenting, dating, or weight loss.

The move comes after Google faced criticism for targeting people with family or body-related ads they’d rather not see. Facebook has settings that filter ads about certain sensitive topics, but until now, Google users had little recourse. In December 2020, Google started letting people in the United States opt out of ads on YouTube that feature alcohol or gambling. Now, people worldwide can opt-out of alcohol and gambling ads as well as ads in the newly announced categories across Google’s ad ecosystem.

"Pregnancy, parenting, dating and weight loss aren’t the only categories Google users indicated they would like more control over, Hennessy said. The company intends to add more categories over time but must conduct research and “improve the back-end technology,” she said. She declined to elaborate on the focus of that research or share details of the user survey," according to Business Insider.

Google did not specify when this new feature would be available or how much it might cost if it is eventually released as a paid service.