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Google Privacy Sandbox Under Lense in the UK

Google Privacy Sandbox Under Lense in the UK

Google is battling against government authorities all around the world due to its anti-competitive practices. Last week, there were reports about Google conspiring with Facebook to kill header bidding. The use of AMP as a weapon against header bidding is also being scrutinized. This week, Google’s Privacy Sandbox is in the news for the same reason.

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority has opened an investigation to assess whether the Privacy Sandbox will bring another unfair advantage to Google. The government body is taking action after receiving complaints against the solution. There were concerns that Google already rules the browser market via Chrome. After the third-party cookie is phased out, Google plans to replace it with the Privacy Sandbox. It means, after the launch of the Privacy Sandbox, Google will not only have control over the most used browser in the world, but it’ll also start controlling the tracking mechanism in the browser. Once it’s done, Google will be one more step closer to control the entire open web.

The CMA will investigate whether Google will gain more power with the Privacy Solution. It’ll also see if publishers and advertisers will be negatively affected. It’ll work with Google and other concerned parties to understand the Privacy Sandbox proposals more clearly.