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What Publishers must remember in 2021 regarding OTT

What Publishers must remember in 2021 regarding OTT

Here are the Key Takeaways for Publishers from on a recent report by Openx :

Users are open to ads. A majority of streamers are open to an ad supported model. OTT is nota one size fits all ecosystem, however, and there is a split amongst streamers about the exactnumber of ads they want to see, with some preferring fully ad supported and some preferring a hybrid approach with both ads and a discounted subscription.

Evaluate and consider 1st party data to enable more personalized ads. OTT streamers generally want fewer ads per hour than they see with traditional TV, so think about how to bestleverage data to let advertisers show more personalized ads, so CPMs can increase and offseta decrease in ad load.

OTT was originally millennial-driven, but today everyone is watching. Millennials, the demographic with the most people and spending power today, are leading the charge on OTT, but consumers of all ages are migrating in large numbers to OTT content. Make sure all demos are considered when building content strategies.