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How publishers can have more control over the supply chain

How publishers can have more control over the supply chain

So, what do publishers need to do to incorporate themselves into the buyers’ SPO process and make themselves attractive to the buy side? Use ads.txt, and use it right.

Here are a few easy ways publishers can manage their ads.txt files and control the way buyers see them:

  1. Only your seller ID can be direct. Any direct relationship should be sending you checks, and as the IAB Tech Lab puts it, “preferably big ones.” Any reseller relationship should also be traceable to a line item of money.
  2. Remove outdated lines. Remove all ads.txt lines representing seats that are not listed in the exchanges' sellers.json. Publishers should also remove the lines for partners they are no longer working with.
  3. Ads.txt is here to protect you. Use it well. Don’t just add everything! Validate all ads.txt lines before you add them. Also, conduct a quarterly review and make sure there are no loopholes or unnecessary lines of code.

Whatever you do, manage your ads.txt file just as you manage and monitor your media. It’s an integral part of fixing the “crappy media supply chain” problem in our industry for good.

Lior Shvo, Managing Director at