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IAB Europe x TikTok: The Buyer’s Guide to Creator Marketing

IAB Europe x TikTok: The Buyer’s Guide to Creator Marketing

Since the emergence of commerce, advertisers have harnessed the power of influence to persuade consumers to follow their brand and purchase
its products. From producing a recognisable
brand identity that promotes consistency, to creating memorable ads that spark action
and even leveraging social proof, they have
long utilised influencing techniques as tools for advertising success.

Let’s face it, a decade ago, the term ‘Influencer Marketing’ didn’t exist. We may have looked to celebrity endorsement to sway our purchasing decisions, but we weren’t consumed by being online, spending on average two hours a dayon our mobile devices scrolling through social media. Yet today, online influencers are integral to the marketing mix. Born out of our need for social interaction, they have the power to affect

purchasing decisions because of the relationships they have built with audiences online. They also often have strong followings in niche areas that enable close consumer connections. No surprise then, that the influencing industry is booming, with brands set to spend up to $15billion globally on influencer marketing by 2022.

As social media platforms have given rise to influencers, so too are they paving the way for innovation, creativity, and authenticity through organic content creation. Where home video recorders were once our go-to means of producing our own content, we now all have the ability to capture, create, shape, and share content at our fingertips, with advertisers poised to tap into this new opportunity.

So, how has the rise of influencer marketing

opened the opportunity for Creators? What does the evolution of Creator Marketing look like? And how can advertisers use these new tools to engage with audiences?

This guide has been developed by IAB Europe in collaboration with TikTok to answer all these questions

(Get access to the guide Here)