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IAB Tech Lab Seeks Comment On CTV/OTT Anti-Fraud Standard

IAB Tech Lab Seeks Comment On CTV/OTT Anti-Fraud Standard

IAB Tech Lab is seeking public comment on a new authorized digital sellers list (ads.txt) specification and mobile app counterpart (app-ads.txt), designed to reduce fraud and increase transparency for connected TV and over-the-top inventory.

The enhancements, from the lab’s programmatic supply-chain working group, are designed to support CTV/OTT apps in which multiple entities have ownership rights in ad slots and engage in ad sharing. This often occurs through vMVPDs and device/OS platform relationships and TV everywhere carriage agreements.

The ads.txt and app-ads.txt specs have been updated to include the ability to designate another domain as a trusted partner, and validate the sellers when that partner makes a bid request.

An implementation guide has been provided to clarify use of this feature and various fields in OpenRTB (real-time bidding) that were being overloaded/used for purposes other than originally intended.

Those interested can review the proposed standard on the tech lab site. Feedback will be accepted through Jan. 14.