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If 2021 was the year of CTV, 2022 is the year of CTV App discoverability

If 2021 was the year of CTV, 2022 is the year of CTV App discoverability

By Paul Gubbins VP, CTV Strategy | Publica

As we close out another year in programmatic advertising, I wanted to share some thoughts around the trends and more importantly, the predictions I feel may shape the next 12 months in addressable TV advertising.

When a TV is connected to the internet, it provides marketers with all of the same targeting capabilities as desktop and mobile. However, it also presents streaming publishers and smart TV manufacturers with a choice; how best to serve these ads?

Several years ago, many opted to serve CTV ads on the client-side, and expected the TV sets to support javascript and to fire pixels from the device. This is why viewers were often met with loading wheels in their ad breaks as smart TVs were simply not designed to run advertising code.

Fast forward to 2021 and thankfully many publishers and TV manufacturers now insert ads into content streams from the server-side via a process called server-side ad insertion (SSAI). This has removed the latency and frequency issues that for many advertisers was a blocker to them increasing their ad spend on BVOD, FAST, and AVOD services. I fully expect more on the sell-side to support SSAI in 2022 to meet the growing needs of viewers and advertisers alike for seamless ad breaks.

The pending industry wide roll out of the ads.cert 2.0 protocol from the IAB Tech Lab is going to make it even harder for bad actors to infiltrate the CTV supply ecosystem via fraudulent SSAI requests and I encourage all on both buy and sell sides in 2022 to promote its scaled adoption.

We have seen the biggest broadcasters in the UK this year such as Channel 4 and ITV innovating around programmatic ad delivery and I fully expect to see continued R&D around their BVOD services, clean room data activation, and measurement best practices in 2022.

7 in 10 CTV ad dollars will be transacted or fulfilled programmatically this year, which equates to more than $10 billion according to eMarketer. By the end of 2021, CTV ad spending will have increased by 59.9% to $14.44 billion.

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