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Index Exchange Announces Support for Unified ID 2.0

Index Exchange Announces Support for Unified ID 2.0

Index Exchange, one of the world’s largest independent ad exchanges, announced today its support for Unified ID 2.0, a new industry-wide approach to identity with initial development led by The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD). This comes on the heels of a number of identity-related announcements Index Exchange has made this year in their efforts to continue to build solutions for a cookieless future.

Revealed during Index Exchange’s inaugural IX Open Access digital event, Unified ID 2.0 will provide an open-source framework for authenticating consumers in order to create a common transaction fabric for digital advertising. Consumers will retain full transparency and control, with the ability to opt-out at any time. The new identifier will also help buyers maintain addressability against key audiences and support attribution and measurement workflows across multiple platforms and channels, an added benefit as Index Exchange continues to scale its omnichannel capabilities.

“In order to continue to monetize in a world without third-party cookies, be it the decline of the cookie in display environments, or the lack of a cookie in mobile app and connected television, it’s critical that publishers prepare by adapting authentication-based solutions like Unified ID 2.0,” said Andrew Casale, President and CEO of Index Exchange. “We’re looking forward to helping our publisher partners leverage this open-source framework in order to build and maintain trust with their consumer audiences, and ultimately drive results for both publishers and advertisers. This is the direction our industry needs to go, and we’re proud to help bring forth a real, transparent solution for publishers and marketers in the post-cookie era.”

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