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LinkedIn faces lawsuits over inaccurate ad metrics

LinkedIn faces lawsuits over inaccurate ad metrics

LinkedIn is being taken to court for allegedly providing advertisers with inflated ad metrics. The work-place social media network is facing two separate lawsuits filed by advertisers who accuse the platform of deliberately providing inaccurate inventory data in order “to collect an inflated price from advertisers”.

“LinkedIn has systematically inflated ad metrics in its favour, which has enabled it to overstate the quality of its audiences, the quality of its ad inventory, and the engagement from its audiences,” claim tech company TopDevz and recruiting platform Noirefy, who filed a class-action complaint against the company in a California District Court last week.

The action follows a similar suit brought against LinkedIn by mobile app and software developer Livly and realtor Drew Krisco on 20th November. That month, the platform reported having found two “measurement issues” back in August which “may have over-reported some Sponsored Content campaign metrics for impression and video views.” LinkedIn states that it has since resolved the issues, which it says may have affected over 418,000 customers.

The platform has said that it will compensate any advertisers affected by issuing credit to their accounts. The cases continue.