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Apple’s IDFA stirs confusion on marketers

Apple’s IDFA stirs confusion on marketers

Apple‘s change in the use of the Identifier for Advertisers, known as IDFA, has left mobile marketers in a state of confusion and concern over how the retirement of the tracking technology will affect targeted advertising.

That’s the result of a survey by mobile measurement firm AppsFlyer and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Seventy-four percent of marketers expect a negative financial impact from the IDFA changes. They expect to lose identifying information on 50% of consumers under the new opt-in rules, which ask consumers if they want to be tracked

The varying degrees of understanding of the IDFA changes in iOS 14 is surprising, given the protocol will dramatically change measurement of the effectiveness of targeted mobile advertising. Thirty-seven percent of respondents have little to no understanding of the IDFA protocol.

“One of the key points is really the high level of uncertainty. And the fact that people know that something is going on,” said Jasper Radeke, senior director of marketing for North America at AppsFlyer, said in an interview with GamesBeat. “It’s not 100% fear. People are waiting until the privacy changes are being implemented and people know something is happening. Some people are very familiar with it, and some are uncertain.”

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