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Mobile Ad Blocking On The Rise

Mobile Ad Blocking On The Rise

While everyone is freaking about the phaseout of third parties cookies and low IDFA opt-in rates, don’t forget – an estimated 40% of US adults already block online ads on PCs or phones.

According to new data from Blockthrough reported by CNET, ad blocking is surging as millions seek more privacy, better security and, frankly, less annoyance. Although the number of people using ad blocking has remained mostly flat on PCs, it’s a totally different story on mobile devices, where ad blocking has doubled over the past five years – up from 282 million to 586 million by the end of 2020.

Blockthrough also found that an increasing number of ad blockers are signing up for the Acceptable Ads program, which whitelists publishers whose ad experiences are deemed to be respectful and nonintrusive. The number of people using ad blockers that support Acceptable Ads grew 435% on mobile and 54% overall between the start of 2019 and the close of 2020.