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Mobile Video is Growing Stronger

Mobile Video is Growing Stronger

Mobile video consumption rises by 100% each year. In fact, people are 1.5 times more likely to watch a video on their mobile phone. In 2020 63% of mobile traffic is video, and this is set to grow to 76% by 2025. This is a key trend that you need to factor into your video marketing strategy.

From Facebook and Instagram stories, to IGTV and YouTube, mobile videos can be displayed in a number of different forms to reach your target audience. From explainer videos that show how your product and/or service works to live videos where you host Q&As with your audience and engage them in real-time.

It’s only recently that video editing apps have become mainstream, with more and more apps being released to help businesses create eye-catching mobile videos quickly and effectively that can be auto resized to the dimensions of your choice. Studies have shown that captions are essential when it comes to mobile videos, as 80% of them are consumed with the sound off.