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Now Is The Right Time To Invest In AdTech

Now Is The Right Time To Invest In AdTech

The rebirth of adtech industry is here. Despite deteriorating in investors’ bad graces over the past few years, this industry is suddenly the hottest place to be, with the number of deals growing by 500% year on year.

Over the past few months alone, we have seen numerous other mergers and acquisitions, including the Mediaocean snap up Flashtalking for $500 million.  It might seem like there is no better time to be in the advertising industry — but all of these deals have been made in the looming shadow of the cookieless world. What value are investors seeing in these adtech companies, and what does this activity reveal about the state of the industry?

The programmatic era has without question been dominated by Facebook and Google. However, with current challenges for both giants such as rapidly increasing advertising costs and muti-million dollar antitrust complaints, adtech companies have greater opportunities in the market. The growth of first-party data all the more realizes the value in adtech companies.

There has never been a better time to be in adtech, looking for strong valuations and new growth or exit opportunities.