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Online shopping behavior during Ramadan

Online shopping behavior during Ramadan

Ramadan is a time of year when daily routines differ from the norm. People wake and sleep at different times, with family and friends coming together more often to pray, connect and celebrate.

For marketers planning Ramadan marketing campaigns, it is a good idea to observe daily routines as they change from the norm in this month. There are some changes in behavior across all areas, including travel, food, and clothing.


We wanted to see how people's daily routines change during Ramadan, the impact this has on buying behavior, and how this presents an opportunity for marketers during Ramadan.


Purchase Behavior During Ramadan 2022

During Ramadan, consumers' purchases behavior and spending habits increase, and consumers are more likely to explore new brands and products.

People plan their purchases in advance


This is why it’s important for brands to plan their activations in advance too—so they can take advantage of this opportunity to reach their audiences.

People research online

Ramadan is a period where people prefer to spend more time at home - watching TV, cooking meals, baking desserts, and visiting, friends and families. During this special month, the average person spends 16 hours on their smartphone. This is especially true for Gen Z (people born after 1995) who are spending 20 hours on their smartphones during Ramadan. There are two behaviors observed:

1) People love revealing where they are celebrating iftar (breaking the fast) by sharing their photos on social media platforms - making them more active than ever during Ramadan.

2) As people's lives are busy between work and home during Ramadan, they are shopping online for their Ramadan essentials like food and grocery items - making them spend more time on retail websites.

Ramadan is the perfect chance to think about your business strategy for the year ahead.

Adlive has come up with a Ramadan marketing report full of actionable insights that will help you capitalize on the online opportunities that Ramadan brings.

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