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OTT and viewership

OTT and viewership

While live sports are often considered one of the last reasons for many consumers to keep traditional cable packages, access to live sporting events ranked as being far less important to OTT viewers than having access to movies and scripted television shows. Among millennials in particular,news and live sports ranked significantly lower than otherages, likely due to millennials’ reliance on social media and other digital channels for accessing breaking news and live sports updates.

#1 Out of Americans who use at least one OTT service 86% use Netflix

When looking at what content is most popular, even with OTT platforms spending billions of dollars on originalcontent, not a single Netflix, Hulu or Amazon original made the top 10 favorite TV shows of OTT users polled. However,the most popular shows, from “The Walking Dead” to “TheOffice” are currently available on multiple OTT platforms.

Content Overload & The 15/100 Rule

With overlapping content on channels, and new OTT services regularly popping up, a majority of consumers report feeling overwhelmed by the number of OTT options available today.

However, regardless of whether it is traditional cable/satellite or OTT, consumers are consistent in how much they are willing to pay and the amount of content they view. Dubbed the 15/100 rule, consumers want about 15 cable channels or OTT services, and are willing to spend $100/month total.

For the right type of premium experience, streamers are willing to pay up to $24/month for a single OTT service - nearly twice the current Netflix subscription price