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Pause Café #12 - Lazy-Loading

Pause Café #12 - Lazy-Loading

Initially, lazy loading is a technic that allows you to load blocs or parts of a website independantly when the said part is visible, so during the scroll on the page. This way, when the user arrives on the page, the loading is time is shorter and the user experience is greatly improved.

Regarding ads, it is exactly the same principle, this process allows to broadcast dynamically the ad format only when they are detected as viewable on the user’s screen.

This involves several benefits:

  • no latency due to the adverts
  • The viewability is improved on those placements because when they aren’t loaded, they aren’t viewable.

A bigger viewability is synonym of revenue improvement. Regarding header bidding, the bids are more viable with a better viewability.

At the beginning o this year, we developped an infinite scroll feature that allows to easily integrate lazy loading and infinite scroll on a website.

For now, we only do that for pages that are long or in infinite scroll, but we’ve already had requests from publishers who would like to increase their viewability to manage all their placements that way.

We can also adapt to long pages in infinite scroll and allow websites to increase their number of impressions.