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Pause Café #13 - Supply Path Optimization

Pause Café #13 - Supply Path Optimization

Supply Path Optimization (SPO) allows programmatic purchasing platforms to sort the more and more abundant bid requests they receive.

SPO is used by DSPs to avoid bid duplicates. At the same time, it benefits the buyers. However, it represents a challenge for the majority of them that are looking for the more transparency possible when thay acquire their inventory.

It is not just a subject destined tobuyers, but also for publishers and SSPs who need to comunicate best with each other.

Regarding header bidding, we recommend the use of only one SSP account. It is preferable for a publisher to use only one account SSP 1, one account SSP2 etc…

Some publishers in particular cases wish to broadcast more SSPs. It is possible, only if it is clear for the whole channel (for the SSPs, publishers and DSPs as well)

Indeed, for that, a certain logic must be applied; and it isn’t proven that connecting several SSP accounts is a true added value. It will only really add value if your campaigns are sold for more money.