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Podcast Advertisers Are Experimenting With Programmatic Ads

Podcast Advertisers Are Experimenting With Programmatic Ads

The host-read ad is still king, but podcast advertisers are experimenting with programmatic ads.

As podcast advertising revenue continues to grow—to $2 billion by 2023, by IAB estimates—podcast networks are enhancing ad tech for the burgeoning industry.

The past few years have seen a slew of acquisitions in the space. One of the biggest players, Spotify, scooped up Whooshkaa, an Australia-based podcast tech platform.

Targeting and measurement capabilities have improved by leaps and bounds since podcasting’s early days. But the industry was built on host-read ads and sponsorships sold directly, so the integration of programmatic advertising hasn’t exactly been seamless. Still, podcast companies want to keep growing their ad revenue, and advertisers want to reach listeners at scale.

Marketing Brew spoke with several podcast ad buyers, sellers, and industry execs who broke down what the small programmatic ecosystem looks like these days, how it’s helping the space grow, and why some are opting out.