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Post-COVID Advantage Of DOOH For Advertisers

Post-COVID Advantage Of DOOH For Advertisers

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered changes in online shopping behaviors.

But as consumers return to stores and retail locations opening at full capacity, research shows that in-store traffic is on the rise. We know by now that in-store shopping won't return to pre-pandemic numbers overnight. But brands are still able to capture consumers' attention and return thanks to DOOH.

Digital Out-Of-Home has always been a reliable platform for brands to connect with their customers, regardless of precision. Consumers will feel underwhelmed by the return to in-store shopping, yet they will continue to rely on in-store shopping options for ease, speed, and community.

Through Deterministic Purchase Data, DOOH can now deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place.

Post-pandemic in-store shopping relies on DOOH in attracting consumers at a large scale and forming relationships with shoppers during their time in-store.