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Privacy protection is still relevant

Privacy protection is still relevant

The French data protection regulator publishes its action plan. In the latter, targeted online advertising must be a “priority topic”. The CNIL shared its 2019-2020 agenda in response to calls from the public, privacy advocates and online marketing professionals seeking advice on how to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Even more than a year after the implementation date of the GDPR, compliance remains a moving target, and is not yet a mature subject.

The ePrivacy regulation, which will eventually introduce new rules on the use of cookies, is still under discussion by European legislators. But once ready, some parts of the ePrivacy Regulation will take precedence over some provisions of the General Regulation, which will leave the advertising industry unstable. For now, all that’s left is outdated guidelines based on the now-obsolete Privacy and Privacy Directive.

AdExchanger previously reported on the CNIL’s plan to allow publishers about a year to continue using outdated scroll cookie reviews while the agency is working to update its cookie guidelines to make them in line with the spirit of the GDPR, instead of waiting for ePrivacy to replace the directive.