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Publishers largely anticipate growth in OTT revenue for 2021

Publishers largely anticipate growth in OTT revenue for 2021

In 2020, consumer adoption of over-the-top (OTT), the delivery
of long-form video content via the internet, has skyrocketed. And where consumers go, advertisers soon follow, giving publishers more ad opportunities to offer — and more to manage. Publishers have embraced programmatic platforms and channels to better manage pricing and the range of other digital channels. While publishers see programmatic OTT as delivering execution and automation benefits, they remain cautious about leaning into the strategy fully. With the right processes and resources to implement it effectively, however, publishers can reap benefits while addressing their concerns

A a custom study commissioned by pubmatic in october 2020 was conducted with 150 decision-makers at digitally centered publishers with ad-supported streaming content. Findings indicated that OTT ad revenue currently lags mobile and desktop, but it is still a significant source (approximately a quarter) of programmatic video advertising income. In the next 12 months, however, roughly 75% of respondents expect ad revenue from OTT content to grow. In contrast, fewer than half of respondents expect linear TV advertising revenue to increase, making OTT essential to publishers’ growth strategies.

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