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Publishers top challenges when implementing programmatic OTT

Publishers top challenges when implementing programmatic OTT

In 2020, publishers have embraced programmatic platforms and channels to better manage pricing and the range of other digital channels. While publishers see programmatic OTT as delivering execution and automation benefits, they remain cautious about leaning into the strategy fully

Implementing programmatic OTT has put pressure on publishers’ ability to build demand relationships and required focus on how to fit programmatic OTT selling into existing processes and technology.

The most common challenge publishers must overcome is the difficulty building demand relationships. Other challenges include an inability to measure optimization, poor control of business rules within ad pod assembly, an insufficient technology stack, and difficulty navigating the right partners within the ecosystem.  

Publishers looking to develop programmatic OTT strategies should look for partners that can bring buyers to the table and provide the necessary tools and capabilities to guide measurement and ad pod assembly within an OTT environment.